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Last christmas was our sons 1st xmas (he was just under 1), and his 1st birthday was on the Jan. Had loads of photos and videos of him waking up and us opening his presants with him, eatin our 1st xmas dinna together etc. Simular on his 1st birthday photos and videos of his special day.

A week or too lata we came back from visiting my mam only to find the house had been burgled and things such as playstation, dvds etc all taken and house was bit of a mess (mud everywhere, door smashed in). But the thing that mad my blood boil (and still does) is they took the digi cam,videos and recorder of all those memories of my sons 1st birthday and xmas. They were never caught suprisingly (though ive been told who it could be-no prof though). If i ever do find out, they better hope the police get em 1st-but i doubt i will!

They saw when the enterd photos of the baby and the toys etc yet still went on and done the house- SCUM if you ask me but sadly its a sign of the times

Totaly understand your anger.

Oh well xmas here soon, NOTHING gona spoil that.


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