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Post a Pic of Your Dream House!

I'm thanking God for the home I have right now. It's an perfect starter home for my small family, but eventually, we will need more space because we're going to definitely have more than one child and we want a place relatives can sleep when they come visit too! So my dream house (that I can not afford just yet, lol) would probably be a beautiful rustic home that is probably nearly a hundred years old, but has been completely updated, while maintaining the historical integrity of the structure. There's a giant kitchen, because that's the room where my family ALWAYS congregates and a big stone fireplace with a hand carved wooden mantle that's perfect for hanging stockings. There's a big great room with huuuuuge vaulted ceilings high enough for even the tallest Christmas tree! There's 6 bedrooms and 5.5 bathrooms.

Tell me about your dream house!
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