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I just bought a pretty awesome christmas present for my niece, and I am so excited to give it to her!


I got him from on sale for $50 with free shipping. I almost wish I could have gotten the cat but it is not on sale.

"smart-e-bear bridges the gap between 21st century technology and timeless, loveable plush. Children play interactively by squeezing the toy's hands or feet. Children select stories such as the Three Little Pigs, or Play games such as Simon Says, or just listen to their favorite songs. Parents select all the content from the website and can change the content on the toy at any time with a simple USB connection to their PC or Mac. smart-e-bear is ready to play out of the box (batteries and USB cord included), and comes preloaded with over a dozen songs, stories and game. In fact, smart-e-bear is so smart, he can even can say your child's name!"

I feel like this is a very neat gift and making my neice happy is what christmas is all about! =)
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