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Husband-2 sets of boxers from AE, Penn State wallet, Penn State hat, pic. of our dog, huge outdoor pic. of a moose for our home, Step Brothers movie, Growing up a Country boy book, I Tunes gift card, farm halmark ornament, (he is a farmer) and something else I can not remember at the moment

Mom-two books and a puzzle, fam. pic from my wedding
Dad- American Outdoors soup mug, sugar free chocolates, pic from my wedding
Brother1-Syracuse ornament, pic from my wedding, Buffalo Bills mug
Brother2- Sabres sweatshirt, book, pic from wedding
Brother3- (he's 7) Rubix cube, his first walkmen, a shirt and Spongebob cards

Nephew- book, Charlottes Web and a play john deere tractor

Inlaws -family pic from our wedding
Friend-pic from wedding
Friends babies-1 outfit each and 1 my little pony each-they are 2

Other children friends---books and playing cards

Dogs--boxes of biscuits

Grandparents--family pics from wedding!

That is the majority of it.. have a few more to shop for but that is about it!! Woooo Merry Christmas!
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