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Now how in the heck am I supposed to swing this???!!!!

My sister is getting married November 25, 2006...that is the Saturday after Thanksgiving for those of you without the calendars out. Thanksgiving is my second favorite's kind of like my prelude to Christmas. I love my sister...I'm the maid of honor...I couldn't be more happy about this wedding...but per the brides request...we will be having Thanksgiving dinner at my dad's swanky neighborhood clubhouse...and instead of it being Thanksgiving's her rehearsal's like she's taking over the holiday! I'm so used to being able to walk around the kitchen in my pajamas helping mom cook while catching the highlights of the Macy's parade, she's killed that! The second issue is the fact that her bachelorette party (that I have to plan) will be taking place the evening of Black Friday...How do I make sure Thanksgiving is still a holiday for family and friends and not just apart of her "Week of the Queen Bride".
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