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I'm the oldest of 6 ,4 of which are step brother's and sister's .

My mom filed for divorce mere day's before I graduated high school. I always THOUGHT of her not only as my mom ,but also my best friend ,then she ruined what was supposed to be one of the biggest day's of my life .An in the process also told me that had she never got pregnant with me that she never would of married my dad ,which really made me feel unwanted. We weren't "rich" ,but we had a roof over our head,food ,clothes and the bill's were always paid ,yet she is now with a guy who is a bum and a habitual liar .They've been together now since 1975 . He doesn't like to work and when he does it comes in spurts . We have tried to get her to leave him ,but I feel that she thinks that no other man would want her. Sadly I've never looked at her quite the same and I don't feel that she is my mother.She hurt me emotionally .I don't hate her ,but there is no mother/daughter love .

I have 1 natural brother who has 3 children but doesn't care about them . He stays in trouble ,drinks and uses drug's. He lives in Texas and is supposedly now married . We are a different as night and day.We never were close .

My dad is retired ,is tender hearted and would do anything for anyone.He is now remarried and still lives in Indiana .I don't like my step mom as she feels that her kids are better than my brother and I and that they never do wrong I feel that she is doing all she can to try to convince my dad of that as well.Whenever I'm "home" I don't like to talk around her about personal stuff ,that I don't want others to know if you know what I mean.We are close ,but not as close as I feel we could be.

I was married for 23 year's ,but seperated for the last 7 of those year's and only recently got divorced this year. My ex was verbally/emotionally abusive towards me ,never hit me ,but with the trigger temper he had I feel that the chance was growing closer. We too were as different as night and day. He (like my bother) uses drug's and drink's. The only good that came out of it was our 2 children . My daughter is almost 23 and now lives in Oklahoma . My son is 19 and lives with my b/f and I.

I'm now VERY happy in the relationship I've been in for 5 year's. He is my soulmate and the best thing that ever happened to me . He treats me better and makes me feel more loved than I've ever experinced in my entire life.

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