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Originally Posted by Santa's Helper View Post
I always look forward to September. That's what I wish for all summer. I get really excited when Aug. comes because summer is winding down and I know I can start putting out the harvest stuff soon. I usually bring a couple of little pumpkins out in Aug. to get me started and then Sept. 1st I decorate for fall/harvest. Once Oct. comes I put some halloween stuff out and then once it's over on Nov. 1 I start putting all of the halloween stuff away. I put some thanksgiving stuff out in the upstairs part of the house and beging decorating the gameroom for Christmas. My thanksgiving stuff never makes it to Thanksgiving day! I can't wait for September. Then we can start the Christmas build up all over again.
I feel the same as you.. once August gets here I am pumped for September! Here in PA it is usually still pretty hot in September but I am ready for my pumpkins!
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