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Let me tell you guys about an angel I met on Thanksgiving Day. My wife wanted to eat out with friends, which is not the norm and hopefully won't be, either. (I'm kind of a homebody.) We ate at a nice buffet style restaurant. Our waitress was a lady named Edith. She looked right at home. She was so full of joy and was the best waitress I believe I have ever had. She told us about her plans for the evening, right after she got off work. She was up all night before coming in to work, preparing a wonderful Thanksgiving meal for about 30 people who would otherwise have nothing. She was exhausted but undaunted, still planning to make homemade cornbread when she got home and sitting down with all those guests - in her home! Can you imagine? My wife and I are spiritual people, as are our friends, but I felt like a sinner in her presence. She wasn't bragging; she was as excited as a school kid about getting to eat with these folks. Say an extra prayer for Edith tonight. She's an angel in my book.
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