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I'm so happy to see this thread! Easter is another of my favorite holidays.

I've already been shopping for Easter stuff. I like to shop for the decorations, candy and little gifts, before the world is even thinking of the holiday. This way I can get what I want, before it is picked through.

We have Easter at my parent's farm. I hope the weather is nice, so everyone can stay outside. Last year was cold and a little overcast.

As far as childhood memories, I just remember the anticipation of the Easter Bunny's visit. I would count down the days and when he would finally come, waking up to find my Easter basket on the floor, at the end of the bed. It always had a little Easter toy, a chocolate bunny and alot of candy. Then, the rest of the family would arrive to the farm for a huge Easter lunch/dinner and then the egg hunt.

Also, I remember the coloring of the eggs, the day before Easter.

I'm 39 years old and we still do the above, except I haven't colored eggs in years. I'm thinking of doing that this year, just for me.

Now, when we hide eggs, we hide plastic eggs filled with toys, candy and money. If anyone makes real eggs, we just enjoy sitting around, with a salt and pepper shaker, devouring those beautiful eggs.

I plan to start giving my house a good cleaning this weekend and finish sometime next week. Then, I'll start decorating for the holiday. I have several Easter decorations, but not as many as Christmas. I love all the pastel colors and symbols of the holiday, that I like to decorate a month in advance, so I can enjoy them.

One person mentioned that they don't decorate when Easter falls in March, due to it still being winter. I still decorate, because the pastel colors is a constant reminder of warmer days ahead.

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