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Originally Posted by marekkane
As someone who just finished four years of getting her university degree, I'd say that paper is worth quite a lot to myself.
I don't know how much my degree is worth yet since I don't graduate until December...but I'll let you all know next year! In a lot of cases it does pay off...with a lot of my family it did. I think I'm the only one in my immediate family without specific goals. My dad wanted to become a principal, so he went to school, became a teacher, then a counselor, then a principal and sort of collected more degrees along the way until he became a phD. My mom became a teacher too, but left teaching and decided to open up her own daycare. My oldest sister had been saying she wanted to be a doctor since before she could pronounce it properly (she called it "docker"), so she went to college, then med school, then residency and there she is...a real live doctor. Then my middle sister took after our dad and went for the teaching. I dunno what I'm gonna do with my degree yet.
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