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Christmas Eve traditions??

Hi All

Our evening starts at about 7pm, my little boy has had breakfast and goes in the bath, at which point a magic elf sneaks in and puts a present under the tree - which is new PJS.
Out of the bath and dressed in his PJS
We then sit down and have a hot chocolate and some biscuits ( which he helps bake the day before)
We check to see where father Christmas is on the Norad site
We get Santas milk and biscuits ready on his special plate
Ben sprinkles magic reindeer food outside.
Then puts his stocking on his bed
then off to bed, tuck him in and read him the night before Christmas before he goes to sleep at about 8pm - 8.15.

Then I have a Christmas eve tradition that I always wrap my boyfriends and little boys presents that night. I get everything i need at about 9pm - like paper, scissors, ribbon, etc and make myself a nice mug of hot chocolate and a box of maltesers and get to wrapping. Usually there's a Christmas or festive film on the Tv - although the last few years its either been Love Actually or Bridget Jones' Diary.

Then once Santa has eaten his biscuits and drunk his milk I go outside to check the reindeer's have eaten all there food. (its just oats and edible glitter so it swept down the end of the path) then go and fill his stocking up

Then last thing is some flour sprinkled on the floor around the presents and use one of boyfriends boots to make foot prints in. Then bed for me usually around midnight.

Then Ben wakes us up with his stocking, we check to see if the reindeer's have been and the food is gone, then we sneak through to the living room and peek through the door to see if the milk is gone, and then he goes in and sees all the snow and footprints.

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