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Originally Posted by Storeytime View Post
What size is your current service?
Is this an existing project or will you be buying new lights?
What kind of lights and how many?
If you use LED lights you can go with far fewer circuits than with traditional incandescant lights.
This idea was something I saw last year on another forum and have been trying to get more/better info on it. I may not need 30-40 anyway, maybe only half that.

I want to say my current service is 100amp, but not sure. Dumb question that I should know the answer to, but what's an easy way to find out? We have two panels with about 30 circuits total. I'd have to look tomorrow or when I got a chance.

I have lights, a mix of C9's for the house and 100ct mini strands for the trees. But if the money is available, we will switch most if not all to LED. For the house last year, there were 20 25ct C9 strands and one of those GE light and sound boxes controlling 4 C9 strands and 3 wire frame figures. I have about 20 of the 100ct strands to do about 10 trees for now, but wanted to light all 25 trees this year if I can get more power out front.

Like I mentioned, I'd like to switch it all to LED, but the price would have to be right. I also wanted to build a train "silhouette" outlined in lights.

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