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Personaly i think the decs,lights and spirit of christmas should be for exactly that-CHRISTMAS!!

Not wanting to cause any offence to anyone but other religions have there own celebrations and here in the UK in some schools in certain parts of the country some local councils have or did scrap the nativity play as far as the religious part goes with the birth of jesus and mary/joseph etc, just incase it offended other religions/cultures. WRONG AND OUT OF ORDER it think in our own country, no way would i expect to goto another country and expect them to CHANGE there festivities/religious ceremonies to suit me an others. If others do not want to take part then they dont have to-no being forced but if it happens in my boys school when hes old enough to go then i will NOT stand for this.

As a father (and my own childhood memories) the school christmas nativity/play is a treasure moment and have fond memories of when i was a child, and i will do all i can to see my child partake in a tradition here that has happened for years.

As i say, no offence but thats my personal view.

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