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There would be no holiday without the celebration of the birth of Christ. And it is the belief in Him that the founders, our forefathers, wrote the constitution.

Politicians need to stay out of Christmas. Unfortunately, the only thing they have any right to touch is the government holiday, Christmas. Because the first amendment clearly says Congress shall make no laws regarding the establishment of religion...but it also says...they shall not interfere with the freedom to worship either. Which they are doing.

Majority rules! We need to stop letting the secularists, and the humanists (both also religions) stop ruling when they are only a minority of the population. Give those folks an inch and they won't just take a mile...they'll take as much as we are willing to give them and then some!

ITA with Smemorina , Christmas is a season to celebrate Jesus. He came in love and died in love...and that is what we share at (amour ). If people want to hate and smite us who celebrate Jesus...then it is their 'hell' to bear.

Merry Christmas ( and especially to you, Smemorina )
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