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MY dad has been wanting some really big expensive tools, and I hesitate to get even the least expensive tools because I always end up doing the work anyways!! Why oh why did I have to want to be a female mechanic so bad? LOL...yet on a positive note, those particular tools probably would make the job easier, especially since he mostly needs help on the 21/2 ton military truck

You see he has cancer, so it's hard for him to do anything....anybody have any ideas on what I can get him to tinker with that doesn't involve heavy duty nor small parts (cause he can't feel the smaller piece due to numbness caused by chemo) I've been trying to get him into another hobby to keep him away from vehicles but he's so stubborn. Any great ideas especially from you guys who like to tinker would help.
Oh also can't been anything to do with computers. Radios he can handle but not computers.
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