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Wacky Day at the Reindeer Games

Elf Victor reports wacky news from the Annual Reindeer Games being held at Santas Stables.

The high jump competition took a turn on its head yesterday when it was won by a very young reindeer named Marvin. Marvin jumped from a stationary position to more than 32 feet in the air in an amazing display of athleticism.

But the problem is that Marvin is just 4 months old. In the world of reindeer he is just a baby.

Many reindeer families often bring their children to the games. The Reindeer Games are the biggest event of the year for reindeer. Reindeer parents want to teach their young about Santa and Christmas and the reindeer games are the best way to do that. So there are lots of reindeer kids running around.

Usually kids like Marvin are not allowed to compete. After all, in some competitions, such as speed running, they could get hurt. But the high jump competition is one where kids get to take part. A reindeer does not have to do anything but jump from a standing position. Most kids try it but none have ever won before.

And that is the problem. Marvin won. Experienced reindeer like Blitzen are a little upset about that. But Santa was on hand to praise Marvin and he gave him a little treat to eat. So Marvin is a medal winner at the Reindeer games this year. Santa says he is still too young to work for him on Christmas Eve though.

-- Elf Ernest

Countdown to Santa's Launch: 23 days
North Pole Weather Update: -2 Degrees, Light Snow
Operation Merry Christmas Status: Awesome

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Source: My Merry Christmas
My Merry Christmas Latest News
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