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A typical Christmas Eve for us:

-If hubby and I have to work, we work no later than 3:00PM. Then we go to our house to change/shower or whatever and go over to my in-laws.
-If we don't have to work, we just putter around until noon and go to my parents place until 3 or so then head over to the in-laws.
-At the in-laws, we hang out and watch anything Christmas on TV.
-When it's dark around 5 or 5:30, hubby and I get in our car and hubby's parents, sister and niece get in their car and we drive around and look at lights until about 6.
-We have a pot-luck dinner and hubby and I always order Chinese food while we're looking at lights and then pick it up before going back to the in-laws.
-It is strict tradition that we watch a movie-cartoon called 'Twas The Night Before Christmas' while we are eating dinner. Here's info on the movie:
-We open 1 gift before we leave (it's always PJ's...LOL) and then head over to my parents to visit them and my brother. There we just hang out and play a game or cards.
-We leave my parents before 11:00 and go home. We take the gifts to eachother out of hiding (they have to be hidden until Christmas Eve or else we'd likely know what they are!) and put them under the tree.
-We watch TV and read Luke 2 outloud and then nestle down and try to sleep before midnight hits (or Santa won't come! )
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