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please share what starts the Christmas season for you?

Is it an event? Is it decorating? Is it baking? Is the date? Is it the weather? What happens that causes you to start celebrating?

For me it's when the stores start to stock Christmas stuff, especially the bookstores. I go to barnes and noble and find a couple of good christmas reads. Then I watch some christmas movies, browse the stores decorations and start humming and listening to music!
Just today I saw that Target already has their little round christmas sugar cookies (the kind you just put on a cookie sheet and bake with a reindeer or snowman on them).

I picked up Debbie Macomber's Angels at Christmas this morning 9and have already read 6 chapters). I also picked up A Quilter's Holiday by Jennifer Chiaverini. Even though I've been umeployed for the last 4 months I still need my couple of small indulgences for Christmas. It officially starts the season for me...
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