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I just wanted to thank Elfworks and the mod team of Ervserver, Sheepsnot, RavenHardt, SC, dominick, dvdguy, and mrshfromjersey for a great job with our first-ever forum contests. This was new and we didn't know what to expect but they did a super job in keeping us informed and in welcoming the new folks to the forums. Kudos especially and extra raspberry creams to Elfworks for her dedicated efforts in keeping score and keeping me on speed dial. She is a treasure!

And thanks to all our winners who brought folks here for the first time. We hope we will see them many times over the course of the season and in the years to come.

Some of you regulars may not know it but I'm starting to get email about you. The site gets several dozens of emails a day about various issues and I'm starting to note commentary coming in about "personalities" here on the Merry Forums. For as well as the forums are doing you never know who is lurking out there. Just the forum alone is getting roughly 35,000 to 50,000 page views a day and that's not all coming from folks who are actually posting (just a few dozen, I suppose). A lot of folks are just "too shy" to post here.

But they know who you are. And they appreciate you and your good humor in these pages. Thank you all for your Christmas spirit, for your welcoming warmth and for adding the human element to My Merry Christmas that we love so much.

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