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Originally Posted by dominick
It looked like a trucker community for the most part. I actually lost my map, I had a GPS unit that was telling me to make a U Turn at 80mph, and I decided to stop there for the night. The motel was a Super 8. It had no cable (not a big deal, I just thought all motels had it), every two commercials was something about ducks, and half the room's power stopped working in the middle of the night (including the bathroom). On top of all that I'm completely lost with the useless GPS, no map, with all my possessions on the back of a truck, and no car and no place to live in a place I had never been before. To say I was doubting my decision to move would be an extreme understatement.

I was asking BF this morning if there was a motel there and he couldnt recall but said he knew there was a big truck stop so there might be one. It must be a little split in the road because it hasnt been that long I was over that direction and I honestly dont even recall seeing the exit.
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