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I noticed it says you live in the Metro Detriot area, I lived close to there about 10 years ago, if they still have the stores called Hudson's they sold them, they had very cute to all out elegant ones, in all different threads and materials.

As for my kitchen, yes all potholders, towels, etc get "dressed" for Christmas, I have cabinets that I decorate the tops of and I have an old fashion (1950's) egg nog set and some Santa's I put up there, we do use the egg nog set all Christmas long, but no other dishes, I often thought of getting some but have not gotten around to it, but if I did I would use them all Christmas long. Now I have some potholders and towels I use and some I hang up and do not use.

I do not decorate my bathroom, I have thought of it but just haven't done it, I use to when I had this little apartment, maybe I will this year, pull them all out...

My bedroom, I have Christmas throws but that is all I do there, my main docorating is the livingroom, dining room, kitchen, and outside, I think my "furry" babies think I am nuts as I docorate I singand dance around the Condo, my husband usually has to work the day after Thanksgiving, so I do the bulk of the docorating myself, but I always wait for him to do the tree, I think he would be upset if I put it up without him.
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