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I'm Guilty!

When you access another member’s “Contact” Information from their profile, you get at least a couple of options.

For instance, mine has these two:

Send a private message to RadioJonD & Send a message via email to RadioJonD

If you click the email option, you type a message and send, never knowing what the receiving email address is. In other words, the message is leaving from and being sent by MMC to the receiving member’s email.

ReineV is correct. When receiving an email (not pm) message from another member who has clicked the “Send a message via email” option, the disclaimer (above) is automatically attached from MMC.

In your case, Annette, I assumed that you meant the message you sent me was to arrive via private message (pm) instead of email since we were both on the forums at the time. So, I copied and pasted the entire message as I received it at my email address back into a pm reply to you as a reference point. I neglected to edit out the disclaimer. Sorry!

By the way, members may elect to not receive email in your Profile Contact info. But, if you do, your email address is still not disclosed to another member.
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