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Re: i succumbed

Originally Posted by ElfWorks
i love my fall decorations. i love the fall candle smells. i usually leave it all up til the week turkeyday. i put up the lights outside and do some other stuff, but for the most part, i try to enjoy the fall stuff as much as possible. well, i couldnt hold out any longer. will be at my sisters for ten days doing her decorations, so yesterday, i decided it was time. i put up all the fall stuff yesterday and between a baking project i have today, and hitting the homemade cranberry cordial, i am doing the pre xmas decor cleaning. and starting tomorrow... IT IS GOING UP!!! as this is a really really small apt, it will probably only take me two days. going to have to go buy a ladder as i have cathedral ceiling in the living room.

so excited. or maybe its the cordial.

I want some of what she's having!!
Hallelujah! Holy S***! Where's the Tylenol?
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