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Top 10 Holiday Lighting Products

From Holiday Decorating Guide 2006

1) Faceted LED Lights
"A 60-light string features LEDs that use up to 95% less energy, yet are among the brightest lights you can get! Long-lasting (rated for 50,000 hours of use), and cool to the touch too. Cut-glass bulbs magnify the light to enhance brightness."

2) Commercial-Grade Light String Set
"Heavier, 20-gauge wire means that you’re not limited to connecting three 100-mini-light strings together, as with typical lights…now you can connect up to six of these light strings—900 bulbs—on one extension cord! Use them indoors or out. 3000-hour bulb life. “Lamp Lock” keeps all the bulbs pointing in the same direction."

3) UL-Listed TinyLites™ Light Strings
"For a lot of light, but little hassle, the small size of TinyLites™ on this Cluster Light String makes decorating easier…smaller bulbs, smaller wires! Five points of bright light shine from each of its 30 “clusters” along the 8’ string! 8-function motion controller lets you create dazzling effects, including waves, twinkle, flash, steady-on and more."

4) Snowfall Light Box
No time to hang outdoor lights? This product may be the answer. It's a weatherproof light-projection system that projects the illusion of gently falling snow onto the front of your home.

5) Combo Icicle Light String
"Hang them where you used to hang your old, basic icicle lights, but now enjoy a different, brighter, more colorful look! Combo light string features a C9 reflector bulb atop each of the 27 “drops” of mini-lights. Total of 300 lights over its 14’ length! 3” lead."

6) Twinkling Light-Sculpture String
"One light string makes it easy to hang these lighted stars or snowflakes in minutes, plus new “twinkling” bulbs are distributed throughout to create an overall, random twinkling effect! 4-Snowflake String (5”-dia. flakes) is 5-1⁄2’-long overall, with 96 clear mini-lights total. 10-Star String (five 10” tall, five 6” tall stars) is 11-1⁄2’-long, with 150 clear mini-lights total."

7) Two-Part Split Wreath
"Hanging on a closed double door or gate, it looks like you’d expect any bright and beautiful, pre-lit, artificial wreath to look like. But since it’s a two-part wreath, you can still open the door and walk through! Pre-lit with clear mini-lights, so there are no strings to tangle with. Two separate 24” cords."

8. Flickering Window Candles
"Steady light or flickering flame plus automatic on/off and light sensor. This 12"H electric candle creates a warm holiday glow in any room or window. A built-in timer keeps it on for 8 hours, shuts it off for 16, then repeats the cycle. The sensor turns the light on when daylight or roomlight fades, then turns it off when lights come back up. Two candelabra bulbs give you the choice of a steady light or a flickering "flame."

9) Prelit Corner Tree
"Round and full on the front, this prelit tree is just as square as your corner on the back. Put it flush against the wall and you've created the illusion of a round tree without wasting all the space. Use it as your main tree in a house or condo, or as a secondary tree in the dining room. Includes a three-prong corner stand. Prestrung with 350 lights to save you time. 7-1/2'H; extends 30" from the corner. Three sections for easy assembly and off-season storage. UL listed."

10) Electric Timer Candle
"Plug in this electric candle and forget about it. No open flame to worry about, and no switch to turn on and off. Just plug this electric candle in at the time you want it to automatically come on—it turns off after six hours. A built-in timer repeats the cycle every 24 hours. To change the time, just unplug and replug at the hour you wish to have it light. White plastic "candle," clear glass bulb, brass base. 9"H. Energy-saving 7-watt bulb; 50" cord."
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