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Hello everyone!

My name is Brian, and I am from Rhode Island (yes, we are a real state... no giggling!)

I am SICK AND **** TIRED of people trying to shut down Christmas. Last year I was introduced to a friend's friend a week before Christmas, and she seemed nice enough. Then, just as we were about to leave, I said "Hey, Merry Christmas" and she snapped at me! "Umm, excuse me, you DO realize there are OTHER holidays than Christmas at this time of year, right?"

OK Last I checked, I wasn't Jewish... but I have a Jewish friend who wishes me a Happy Hanukkah (sorry for the spelling) and I wish him a Merry Christmas, and we both enjoy that... you know why? Because it's a GREETING. Regardless of the religious undertones, you're simply wishing happiness to a fellow human being during a time of year that YOU hold sacred to yourself.

Look, I'm not a big religious person... In fact, I don't even HAVE a religion. But I enjoy Christmas, because it is not just an religious holiday, but an AMERICAN holiday. Not to mention it's a FEDERAL holiday... but for some reason, we can't say "Merry Christmas"?? I've had ENOUGH of that.

So, on my own website (I am a producer for a non-profit video production society that films ghost stories and such) I put a big ol' MERRY CHRISTMAS on my front page, and I'm leaving it there from now until 12/26. If people don't like it, they can suck it. As you can tell, I'm not very politically correct.

Nice to meet all of you
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