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santahat Canadian North West Territories Report a Merry Christmas

Meet Andrew — or, Drew, as he is affectionately known by family and friends. He is a 13-year-old California boy with special needs who has defied the odds through years of surgeries and lots of love. He is the sole focus of our efforts for Santa’s Sleigh 2009.
As a growing boy with ongoing medical needs Drew requires updated equipment to help transport him. Specifically, he needs a van with a wheel chair lift. These outfits typically cost greater than $50,000.
We have no expectations of meeting this need completely through our efforts here. We are working with a variety of organizations to see if we can raise the necessary funds before Christmas 2009 so this can happen for Drew and his family.
Here is a brief biographical information of Drew provided by his mother, Jill:
We have been blessed to have an angel live with us.
A child with special needs has many challenges for us as a family. It is hard and it affects everything about how we live and what we can or canít do.
But when he smiles or looks at you with his loving eyes there are no cares or worries in this world and there isnít anything I wouldnít do to try and make his life, however long or short it may be, as happy and wonderful as I can.
Andrew has many medical challenges and is followed by many doctors. Needless to say, we spend quite a bit of time going to and from doctor visits and hospital stays. He goes to school and loves his friends and teachers.
We are working on building better communication with him as he is non-verbal. Andrew is non-ambulatory and has a wheelchair that we lift in and out of our 16 year old van. He is a soon-to-be-big 14-year-old boy and we lift him in and out of the van as well. His two older brothers are very helpful when they are here to help but they canít always be around when Drew needs to go somewhere. We need a new van with a ramp to transport Drew to and from school, appointments, and other activities.
I have recently had surgery for a torn rotator cuff due to the repetitive lifting and I am starting to have other complications as well. These needs have added greater urgency to providing Drew with better and safer transportation equipment.
We adore our angel and want to help make his life as happy as we can. Andrew has so many medical and physical challenges that you may think he is different, but he loves what most people love. He loves, music, being outside, swimming, Disneyland, the ocean, going to the theatre, basically he loves going anywhere with his family. We want to make it possible for us to do the things he loves and bring him as much joy as we can, because he has filled our life with joy that is immeasurable.

Santa himself is leading the charge with this project. He will deliver for Drew before Christmas 2009 with your help.

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