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** Post Your Great Moments of Christmas 2009 **

We have a great tradition of counting up to the season in the countdown thread. This has been such an epic Christmas filled with such memorable events that I don't want to forget what has transpired. I want to share it and I want to save it -- remember it, archive it and cherish it for some time to come. I thought it would be a good idea to share our great moments of Christmas 2009 in this thread in hopes of starting a new tradition here on MMC.

I'll keep this thread pinned and active for a few weeks before we lock it down for safe keeping and looking back. What you share here can be anything -- receiving or giving a favorite gift, sharing a Christmas moment from any event in the season, family laughs, pranks or tears, etc. Whatever it is you want to remember, please share.

So, starting out, here's mine (I have several this year I want to put in the Hall of Fame):

1. Christmas Eve in my house features the Nativity from Luke 2 performed by the kids for the adults (we might narrate or, at a minimum, clap). This year's recounting of the Nativity included a brave solo by my 7-year-old niece, who sang like an angel in the purity of voice that only a child has at the moment the birth of the Savior was remembered. A heavenly host could have done no better.

2. Receiving the long-awaited phone call from our missionary daughter on Christmas night, whose voice we have not heard since she left about 8 months ago. It was a delight to share Christmas with her, if even only by phone. Watching the looks on the faces of her siblings was about as Christmasy as it comes.

3. Opening presents on Christmas morning and seeing the results of our annual Secret Santa effort, where names are drawn and a month's worth of efforts to provide service and goodwill secretly are revealed with to/from tags on gifts that can cost no more than $5.25. What amazing creativity from the kids this year! The highlight was seeing what my 12-year-old daughter did for her 15-year-old and somewhat-cocky brother: she gave him the Ultimate Manliness Kit which included maxi pads (for putting in his manties), manly smelly soap and shampoo, a bra for his "moobs" and a manly blankie for when he gets scared in the dark of night. Nothing got bigger laughs.

4. Opening the package sent by my missionary daughter first thing on Christmas morning featured a letter written for each member of the family and a small gift for each person. She gave me Silly Putty and made my eyes fill with tears as she recounted how I taught her how to pull comics from the Sunday paper with the stuff. Her sense of humor and her special relationship with her siblings shown through in moments such as when 7 year old Emma opened her gift from Aubree and discovered a cheese grater. You cannot tell me that anywhere else in the world there was another 7 year old to receive such a gift and to literally squeal with happiness. "THAT'S AWESOME!" Emma exclaimed, "None of my friends will have a cheese grater as good as mine, it has THREE blades". I laughed until I cried.

5. Reuniting with a wayward brother, who resurfaced after no contact for more than a decade. He is married now and has four children. I got to meet them all, and his wife too. At dinner one night I was delighted by my three year old nephew who had no problem telling the waiter exactly what he wanted for dinner. When the waiter asked if there was anything else he could bring him my nephew said, "Yes, a toy." I knew then we were definitely related.

6. Christmas cards, Christmas cards, Christmas cards! Most from my friends from right here on MMC, from Christmas Talk and from

7. Music! And getting to meet David McCullough and Natalie Cole.

Ok, those are (some of) mine....what are yours???

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