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I don't think it is anything to fear. Couple of reasons -- first of all, the script that powers the site has been upgraded and it forces us to change some things. We don't look to take anything away -- just add to what we've already got.

I am very resistant to changing what is traditional and nothing has been more traditional than our look. Our design has been basically the same since our first online efforts back in 1994.

But the time has come to update it and that more than anything else is what most will notice and comment about. We're heading into our 19th year overall in our Christmas efforts and we've caused worlds old and new to collide here for a long time. That has caused for a muddled presentation overall and we need to clean it up a bit -- make it shiny and more efficient. It will be the foundation for the next 5 years or so.

I am proceeding slowly and as I get things closer the crew -- of which Crown is a part -- will get to play, test and suggest tweaks before we just dump it on everyone. I am attempting to make the old available with the new for those who won't like the change. Don't know yet if that is going to be possible but we're putting in the extra work just in case. I don't want to lose anyone because we have to do this.

We've grown a ton -- and that, I suppose is more of a reason for doing this than anything else. More people will come. And we've just got to make room for them. But like the great features of any home, this thread will not change and it will forever have a prominent place. It has become a singular feature of MMC.