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This year I got a pack of sharpies and three refrigerator pitchers (ie practical, not Waterford). My little girl gave me one of her coloring pages. That was nice.

I need clothes. I've lost so much weight with my newborn that my last two pairs of pants just fall off. I'd love to have some pajamas, a nightgown, a robe, maybe a coat and some closed shoes. Uh-oh, I sound like one of Dickens' urchins! I don't know how I ended up so low on necessities, I think I was paying attention to the children and missed the attrition.

But real gifts, rather than just necessities wrapped in pretty paper... I'd so like a copy of the Sound of Music, a snowflake pendant, a comic book, and some bubble bath, even if I couldn't have the uninterrupted time to bathe that goes with it.
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