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**Kick-Off of American Idol 2010 -- Season 9**

I'm pleased to relaunch this thread to it's once again rightful place as our not-quite-#1-offseason diversion with this little announcement:

I am retiring from American Idol.

Ok, I know that doesn't have the impact as Simon's announcement today (not a shocker) and it won't draw the tears that Paula's AI departure brought (for about 30 seconds). And I'm upset that Simon picked today, of all days, to steal my thunder. Because I made this decision more than a month ago.

Not that anyone wants to know but there are many reasons why I won't watch AI anymore.

First, and likely most critical, I got rid of cable and don't watch broadcast television anymore. I got fed up with the media -- all of it -- after this last election cycle and removed it from my life. Other than baseball and occasional reruns of Andy Griffith, the West Wing and the 1978 World Series on ESPN Classic, there is no purpose for my flat screen than watching what I want to watch when I am able to watch it.

But more to the point, I think the whole Idol thing has made it's point and run it's course. It was never about real talent or likeability in the first place. It was more, as it is labeled in the industry, about reality television. That means side-line drama like how much cleavage Paula would show to just who stood watch outside her house stalking her (to tragic end, I might add).

It got to be all a bit...much.

American Idol is, I've determined, stubbornly un-American.

What do I mean by that?

Well, supposedly, using the true God of our age -- the Cell Phone -- the voice of the people who determine America's Idol.

But is it really?

Where have you gone, Taylor Hicks? We loved you but the media didn't. The only one who seemed to get trashed more than you that year was President Bush (did he get have an album no one heard, too?)

What happened to you Danny Gokey? While Kris Whatshisface actually won American Idol we see nothing but Adam Lambert all over the media post season-8. Meanwhile, Gokey releases an awesome song last week and nobody but nobody allows him to get kicked off of GMA. And why? Because we really don't get a vote or a voice after all.

But finally what did it for me is that I just don't feel like going through it again. I like the audition rounds but do I really have the heart to see senseless people ridiculed, mocked, and destroyed on national television and THEN go to endless commercial breaks?

I'm better than that.

Taylor Hicks was better than that. Carrie Underwood was better than that. Daughtry was better than that.

Do you see what I'm saying? It should be about the music.

And it seems to be about anything but.

In this age where I can program an iPod to give me and endless supply of music that can play unstopped for weeks on end I can better spend my time actually programming the thing than waiting for some results...after the break.

It is time for me to rise about American Idol. The Bible says to put away childish things, so I am. I will allow this thread, for those hangers-on who just can't give it up, to have their fun. But as for me, I'm sticking to the serious business of Santa Claus here and leaving my mark in other areas of these Merry Forums.

I wish you well.