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Well, you're all welcome at my house, because it is still very much Christmas here. All decorations are still up! I was going to take everything down last weekend, but other things came up that needed my attention. I plan to tackle this project this weekend.

I'll miss the decorations, but right now, I miss the commercials and tv specials. Television was really nice this holiday season. I don't have satelite or cable, but "regular television" had several holiday specials to watch.

Someone mentioned missing the Folgers commercial. I didn't see that commercial this year, but my all-time favorite Folgers commercial was made in the 80s and is sometimes pulled from the vault to re-air. It's the one where a car pulls up in front of a house, a young man enters and notices all occupants are still asleep. He goes to the kitchen to brew a pot of coffee, which wakes up his mother. While the coffee is brewing, the man is placing several packages under the tree. When the mother comes quietly downstairs to see who is in her house, the young man (her son) walks out of the kitchen with a serving tray containing the coffee pot and several cups. The mother is so surprised to see her son has come home for the holidays. This commercial brings a smile to my face everytime I see it. Folgers re-aired this commercial in 2004 or 2005. I was surprised to see it!

I, recently, bought a book called "It's A Wonderful Christmas: The Best of the Holidays 1940-1965" by Susan Waggoner. It talks about how a number of today's Christmas traditions were started during and after World War 2. There are numerous pictures of toys, ornaments, sales ads, posters, decorations, etc. that were popular during this time frame. This is a must have for all Christmas lovers. I have really enjoyed reading it. When I get the Christmas blues, I'll pull this book out.
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