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(Haley)santa, how are you? Are your days getting colder?
Do your reindeer eat mostly carrots?When you come my family and i will have home made cookies out for you!Do you like the snow? i do, sometimes i don't because there might be a place i want to go.
How small can elves be? Do mrs.claus bake alot? what are some of your hobbies? is where you live very colerful.Do you really talk to littl kids on the phone like the web sites say?
How many times has ruldoph guided your slaigh? do you like reading. my dad might be taking me to a movie called the santa claus 3.
what are your favorite clors. mine are blue,and red.have i been bad?my favorite holiday is,Christmas!! how many elves are there, are they strong? well i better get going,(home work)
hi Haley, Merry Christmas!

Wow, so many questions I don't know where to begin. How bout a question for you first...did you get your homework done?

Ok, on to your questions now.

I am fine. Never felt better. Christmas time is here and I'm all excited for it. The weather here at the North Pole is usually pretty cold but lately it has been really cold. But that's ok because I like it that way. Makes it more Christmasy, don't you think?

About the elves...I have some small elves but I also have some very large elves. An elf can be any size.

Elf Victor reports that all the reindeer are well. I meet with him every Saturday. Reindeer love carrots -- they are like candy to them. But like candy they cannot have too much of them. They eat a lot of grain, some oats and they really like eggnog.

And yes, Mrs. Claus bakes ALOT. She makes cakes, cookies, breads, pastries, goodness, her oven is always going. She is an expert in the kitchen...and I am an expert in the dining room!

My hobbies include computers, sleigh design, toy making, elf development, rare Hungarian knick-knack collecting, yodeling, Ginsu knife juggling and gargling eggnog. Why do you ask?

Do I really talk on the phone to kids? No, I talk to kids when they sit on my lap. I do NOT use the telephone.

Rudolph guides my sleigh all the time, in good weather and bad. Sometimes I put him at the back of my sleigh too, because he makes an excellent tail light.

Yes, I love to read. I LOVE to read. I think reading is one of the most important things you can do with your life. You should read alot too.

Did Dad take you Santa Claus 3? Those are nice people in the movie but it is just a movie. The real Santa isn't like that and neither is the real North Pole. Just so you know.

My favorite colors? Oh, red. And white. And red. And green. And red.

And yes, Haley. You are most definitely on the NICE list. We have millions of elves who work for Santa around the world. Maybe you know one of them!

Merry Christmas!

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