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Well, here in Utah we go all out. In my neighborhood we get together with the neighbor and build one big pile of fireworks...then we sit the kids down and do our best to scorch the pavement for about 2 hours. That what we did the other night and we had a great time.

Then, we get to do it again on the 24th for Pioneer Day, a state holiday of the same flavor.

The funny thing about the other night was the fire department came through looking for folks shooting off illegals....fireworks, that is. Anything that goes more than 6 feet or so in the air is illegal. Down the street is a school and from behind the school someone was shooting off these giant fireworks what we were really enjoying. We didn't saying but we didn't have to...the fire department found them and shut them down in a hurry. About ten minutes later the lone neighbor who didn't respond to our invite came slinking back to his house all depressed.

We tried to get him to come out and enjoy our little dinky stuff but he wasn't having any.

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