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What I learned this Christmas

I thought this might be a fun way to see what each other is thinking (and learning) this year about the season. I'll start and then add a few yourself.

I learned that the more pressure I put on making Christmas perfect the more I lose my spirit. So I will take the good with the bad and stop trying to be perfect.

That you dont have to park at the front door while shopping. God gave us two legs to use and Christmas is the perfect time to take them for a spin.

To embrace every moment spent with family at Christmas time. To look back at Christmas's past can be wonderful but to look back and see opportunities missed can be painful. So what if someone makes you mad or says something off color. Live with it, you can get mad at them after New Years.

Live, love and treat others like it is Christmas every day of the year. You never know when it might be your last time to make an impact on their lives.
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