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What are the netflix? You're going to be hard pressed to find many online here on a friday night....

After the day I've had today, I'd love to just hang. But I'm needed in a few minutes to get started on dinner. It's sandwich night.

Oh, that reminds me...about that recipe you sent me the other day...Sandy says shortening makes for dry bread...have you, by chance, a substitute ingredient? (Hey, I told you she'd be critical).

Altho, I have to tell you, today she called me all excited because she found this article from some website about hydrogenated fats or whatever in foods and she said it specifically mentioned See's as a great candy because of no use of hydrogenated oils or fats of any kind. Well, of course, it is made with 100% real butter, none of that other crap that wannabees use. Godiva, by the way, was the worst for use of hydrogenated fats. So we're trying to lose weight, right? Guess who asked for a box of See's today?

Weakling. She didn't get it.
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