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Little Elf
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When I was little I remember having to wear the same costume for years! (My parents made me) I hated it but I loved Halloween so I would try to not let that dampen my spirits. It wasn't until I was10 or 11 that I finally got to start wearing different costumes. 14 was the last year I went trick or treating. I don't mind the teens coming for treats at my long as they wear a costume. If some come without one (or so it might appear to me) I ask them what they are going to be. I will even give extra candy for unique costumes. Like one girl made her own as a banana. She was happy when I did and told her why for the extra. Perhaps it will be incentive to be creative again.
When I was a teen and no longer did the trick or treating I did feel bummed. Trying to find things to do. But I would always try to dress up every year. That did help and I would find ways to make it better. I didn't want to ruin Halloween as I loved it so much as a kid.
Now that I have kids it's alot more fun and so I get right into it and make it fun for them as well as for me. And because they are young I don't make it too scary or gory...which I prefer anyway.
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