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Christmas Tree Update

Thanks for the plug. Tho you'd need to change that date from April to February as to when I start working on "Christmas Across the Lands". Really, that's when I start writing, getting new jingles, etc. The 2010 show is done, 'cept for a few tweaks here and there. 2010 Demo in Sept. sometime.

As a side note, and I hope this isn't breaking the rules (as I'm not selling anything to listeners), I have put the 2009 12 hour Christmas Show looping online, and have also included 2 new Christmas songs that I wrote. They've been recorded by 2 fabulously talented singers from Philly. They're on the stream, and their individual websites will be up in a week or 2.

Again, you can hear the songs there, there is no fee and they're not just clips. The looping 2009 show is a link at

Great site, hope to be able to contribute, and learn.


Originally Posted by RadioJonD View Post
Just like last year we begin thusly:

Once again, right out of the chute (shoot?) I could have actually started this thread in April. That’s when Randy Sherwyn started on the 2010 iteration of “Christmas Across The Lands.”

Each year since 1999, Sherwyn has produced this twelve hour Christmas radio show for syndication on radio stations throughout the US and beyond. Perhaps you’ll hear this show on your local station.

Make sure to check the 2009 playlist and demo.
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