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Originally Posted by RadioJonD
If you are in in Southeast Missouri, KWasser, here is what I found from last year. If you aren't in SW Mo, I guess I messed up.

KOSP went Christmas October 30, 2009

KGBX went Christmas November 19, 2009

Some others to check:

If you like Southern gospel, KWFC – 89.1 – Springfield, Missouri USA starting Christmas programming on Thanksgiving in 2009.

From 2009: “KWFC is proud to present it's annual, month-long Christmas spectacular -- NOW, BETTER THAN EVER!
Beginning, Friday, November 27th, KWFC will transition to our Christmas programming schedule. Listen for all-Christmas music throughout the day after Thanksgiving. Then, we'll add Christmas to our regular southern gospel rotation for a couple of weeks before going ALL-CHRISTMAS on December 12th.” -

And last but certainly not least, if you are near enough to the signal, KMST from Rolla, 88.5 or Lebanon, 96.3 will offer great Christmas programming not found on commercial radio stations. Keep checking for their 2010 Holiday schedule at

Updates this year will be in the 2010 Thread.
Awesome, yes, that's where I live, and that matches what I remember from last year.

Note that KOSP Star 105.1 is now Star 92.9, but same format ("Greatest Hits"). Found this little tidbit posted on their website, which I found funny:

Okay, I'll start using other thread for discussing the radio stations.

Wait, it says I have to be a Platinum member to post in your thread RadioJon. Man, they make it difficult around here to post at times, it seems...
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