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Originally Posted by KWasser View Post
Awesome, yes, that's where I live, and that matches what I remember from last year.

Note that KOSP Star 105.1 is now Star 92.9, but same format ("Greatest Hits"). Found this little tidbit posted on their website, which I found funny:

Okay, I'll start using other thread for discussing the radio stations.

Wait, it says I have to be a Platinum member to post in your thread RadioJon. Man, they make it difficult around here to post at times, it seems...
No reason why we can't have two then! Those that can't post in the Radio/Audio forum can continue here! I will then quote you (from here) over there!

If you want to coment here about a post over there I'll quote it here as well. Just refer to the station and/or post number. The post number is in the on the right (above your join date) in the green bar immediately above your screen name.

(This particular post is #11)
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