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"Good day, eh? In case you thought, like, I wasn't on this part." Though I didn't make too many appearances in the 2010 thread, I thought I would do my part to push 2011 over the 20,000 post challange mark as set by our fearless leader, El Jeffe and cheered onward and upward by Seawaters.

Maybe I will have enough to say each day to pop in for perhaps one post. That will add at least 360 more from last year considering the regulars post at the same rate or better this year.

Mostly you'll find me in the radio and music forums digging for and sharing online Christmas audio sources. I hope Platinum members will visit there this year as well and take advantage of the downloads offered each Rudolph Day. What I would really like most is for others to find and post more links every day of the year!
Where all this began for me

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