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Gingerbug is a good elfGingerbug is a good elfGingerbug is a good elfGingerbug is a good elfGingerbug is a good elfGingerbug is a good elfGingerbug is a good elf me a conspiracy theorist but I really don't think its at all as innocent as we are being told. I have no idea what it is and perhaps the government doesn't either but it is something to note.

As far as being told it is a "natural occurance" and happens all the time. Really? There is no way to verify that other than through agencies that "tell" us the statistics. However, that aside, I have no doubt that large numbers of birds and fish do die. I have no problem with deaths associated with parasites and disease but some of the cases happening now do not have identified cause of death (unless you want to count thousands of breast bones and internal injuries in the ones in Arkansas because they were supposedly spooked by fireworks, lost their direction and flew into each other.) Really? Hmm. Followed by the ones in Louisiana that supposedly flew into electric lines. IDK but I will keep my skeptical position, dear friends. I'm not in a panic but I am noting them.

Jana I can't verify all the ones the blogger had posted but locally (since I live in Missouri) I have been following this. Here's what I know so far. And I am adding Guy Arkansas into the mix too. Here's why:

Guy Arkansas has experienced 100s of earthquakes in the last few months. Mostly smallish ones but still. They were doing some "fracking" (I think thats the right term) so they banned that and yet the quakes continue. Guy Arkansas is about 50 miles from Beebe Arkansas (as a bird flies...pun intended) The 100s of fish that died were about 125 miles from BeeBe and the bird deaths in Louisiana (about 340 miles) and Kentucky (300 and something miles) I originally mapped it but can't remember the exact distance but all with in about a 400 mile radius.

Since then of course there have been bird and fish deaths reported around the world...Sweden, Italy, etc etc. As recently as yesterday there were reports again in the US (in Alabama and Missouri). In all honesty I am more concerned with the U.S. ones happening so close together in the Arkansas, Missouri, Kentucky region etc. For no other reason than their closeness, their unexplained causes and their proximity to Guy Arkansas. A lot of strangeness in one particular area.

What is it? Your guess is as good as mine but it seems a little too much. I have several theories but they are just that.... theories.

I am sure in the reports there are die offs that will be explained by parasites, disease etc but mixed in with those I think there are some that are not explained. As I said, whether anyone really knows the cause or suspects the cause, I have no idea but to assume that we are told everything there is to know in the case of anything in this day and age is to be gullible. And not without some cause...Panic is areas would ensue and mass chaos might erupt...or then again maybe no one really knows what is going on but they aren't going to say that. They are going to calm the masses by explaining it away.

As far as the statistic that there have been 16 die offs (of 1000 or more birds) in 30 years....even if that is true (how many were unexplained?) and second of all now you have so many in a very short period of time. 16 in 30 is not quite 2 a year for 30 we have all of these (true not all over 1000...if they are even counted correctly...every field etc was not searched diligently) BUT STILL....I am not falling hook, line, and sinker for the bird poop they are trying to spread...LOL.
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