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The email some Santas continue to generate to us would really shock them. There is an entire segment of the population that have strong opinions about the portrayal of Santa Claus.

Last year, when that Santa got fired at Macy's we had a rush of feedback like you wouldn't believe. At first, folks were sympathetic of his losing his job at Macy's. But when he got a job in a famous San Francisco bar and then made a total fool of himself -- and the image of Santa Claus -- on the Tonite Show people were furious.

The Santa community, most of it, is aware of what a problem this is. In fact, we've got a segment of an upcoming podcast that talks about the Santa Claus Hall of Fame and another on the Santa Claus Oath, a pledge Santa portrayers take who hold sacred the image of the traditional St. Nicholas.

I wish more did that. It only take a few bad apples to ruin it for everyone...especially the kids.
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