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In our area we have a truck light show about the second week in Dec. The town throws a big hot dog and chili feed (free) then we decorate and light up the big Christmas tree. There are games for everyone esp the kiddies and different things to do then come evening the trucks start their parade in the neighboring town and comes to our town and loops but our house to make their way to the park for the judging. We have a big gathering at our house and I make a big roaster full of Chicken and homemade egg noodles and the guests bring other things and we have a party here. We build a big fire out in the back yard to keep warm and watch the trucks as they come by. A week later the fire department has a big day for the kids, they take the kids on fire truck rides, serve cookies, hot dogs and hot chocolate. Santa is there to give out gifts, oranges, apples, and of course candy canes. On Christmas day the town has a big turkey dinner for all that want to come, this is also free to the public, we don't go to it as I think they would faint if they saw my croud of 30+ walk through the door.
May the love of Christmas be in our hearts the Year Around.
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