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15 16x16 Oh this is a good one!

I would have to say City of Angels, with Meg Ryan, Nicolas Cage.....oh it just ripped me apart........another Titanic.......oy, I suffer......and the suffering continues.....'Love Story'.......I couldn't stop weeping when this one was playing on television back in 73 while I was working at an answering service in Hollywood, and Ali MacGraw called in for her messages, she was married to Steve McQueen at the time, both lovely people. Anyway.......I told her're killing me here, you're dying at this time in Love Story, I love you in this movie. She chuckled, and told me to enjoy the movie. It was six months of bliss working for that answering service. Oh....another movie that moved me to tears, 'The Way We Were' that scene which takes place in NYC when she wipes away hair from Robert Redford's forehead, heart broke. And that's all I can think of......great idea "20 tear jerkers of all time".....later!
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