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Making the Switch

Originally Posted by Jeff Westover View Post

You'd be just the person to ask about this: are C7 and other traditional incandescent Christmas lights going away? They seem to be getting harder to find -- and more expensive, too.

There is something about the quality of LED lights that bug me. I'm finding the switch difficult to make.

No, C7 and other traditional incandescent lights are not going away - they are still quite popular. I am not sure why many of the big box stores have stopped offering them, but they are definitely still available online. The price should not be increasing due to lack of availability.

A lot of people feel the same as you. However, in my industry, it is impossible for me not to switch to LED lights for outdoor use, because I am too aware of the benefits. I am also clumsy, so I like that LEDs are unbreakable. But I still use incandescent Christmas lights indoors, and don't see that changing any time soon.
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