Thread: Defend Christmas Media Rails on Early Christmas in Stores
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Hi Cody,

I think you might be interested - or should, at least -- in our next episode of the Merry Podcast which carries the theme Sacred and Secular. Those worlds and the history of each are not as divided as you think. The problem with recorded Christmas history is that it doesn't go back far enough and I would suspect your novel doesn't either.

There's nothing "wrong" with secular Christmas. There's nothing "wrong" with "Frosty the Snowman" and I would be hesitant to label non-spiritual elements of Christmas celebration as meaningless. Such broad strokes accomplish nothing good.

If you explore our site and our history you'll see a reverence and respect here for the ancient character of St. Nicholas as well as a fond awareness and appreciation for the modern Santa Claus. They are not incompatible.

But to say Christmas is either one way -- sacred -- or the other, secular -- is foolhardy and, well, ignorant.

We encourage you to join us as explore both -- or I should say, all -- sides of Christmas.


Originally Posted by CodyWUrban View Post
At the risk of sounding like a salesman only out for money, I truly do hope to bring exactly the words of my title to light through my novel, Nicholas: The Fantastic Origin of Santa Claus. The historical Saint Nicholas was a devout Christ-follower and many of the “pagan” symbols of Christmas have endured so long because they can so simply be turned to commemorate the greatest night in all history, the night God became flesh in the form of the Savior of mankind, Jesus Christ, the Son of God! Amen. Hopefully readers who are naysayers of Christmas may feel disinclined to spend so much energy bashing a holiday the celebrates the birth of our Lord. Fortunately, thanks to the “secular” elements of Christmas and the over-commercialism of the holiday, the Gospel is spread. I have been in stores filled with hundreds of people who hum along to the simple meaningless songs like “Frosty the Snowman” and then on comes O Holy Night. Oh, thinking of the lyrics of that song alone even in the heat of August floors me with worship. It is a great opportunity for people to inadvertently be introduced to Christ and the Gospel Message. Praise God, He works in mysterious ways.
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