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B-101 Update - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania USA

Update B-101

If you have an HD radio, B-101 has gone all Christmas on 101.1, HD-2.

There is no online listen link. Here's why.

B-101 bought Custom Channels' Christmas package. How then could the song survey have any effect?

Originally Posted by RadioJonD View Post
Once again B-101, WBEB 101.1, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania has a poll (for the gullible who believe) about when to start and what songs to play for Christmas. Yes, you choose the tunes from their very limited list that they will be playing regardless.

Start date choices are:

Right Now
November 1st
November 15th
Thanksgiving Day
December 1st

Now, what do you really think B-101 would do if one million people voted "Right Now" in the next twenty-four hours? Has anyone ever even seen the poll results posted on the webpage?

From the webpage:

B101 is Philadelphia’s Christmas Music Station. Please tell us what songs we should (and shouldn’t) play this holiday season. Listeners choose every song we play on B101.
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