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Originally Posted by shellie12 View Post
Hi everyone dont no if its anything special but its good crack for me and my mate
Each christmas eve me and her, dress up her as santa as she is a few sizes bigger than me , and me as mrs clause
We go round the estate and wave in and ring a bell that was given to me by a lady 20 years ago and her mother just to ring it in new years eve to welcome in the new year And some houses we call in even if there is no kids in it. gives the older ones something to laugh at.( see am a nice person i dont mind people laughting at me !!)
After that we go and stand at the top of our road and wave at every car that goes by.. we started that we wood wait till we got 20 horn beeps . now we are at 100..(sometimes we have to take a wee drink with us as 100 beeps can be a long stand as its not a big busy road and we need something to warm us up..But we laugh as you should see some of the cars go by all ages waving out and smiling. and then there is the odd one that just drives on and looks at us like we are mad (we are mad but the tablets do help) usually that takes about a hour.
Its worth it cause if we can bring a smile to people faces even if its only for a minute that cant be bad
Oh, that must be a sight to see! How funny, thanks for sharing this!
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