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Originally Posted by Meceka View Post
I buy spooled fabric ribbon at thrift stores. I have been lucky to find some really gorgeous ones made of silk, moire and velvet and they are all reusable. Then when I wrap gifts, I use plain brown paper store bags turned inside out. One year, I was able to get free wallpaper sample books and I wrapped books and CDs in some of those papers.

We have been using artificial trees for years, although living in the woods, there are plenty of pines available. We switched over because of our pets. There are times when the woods do need to be thinned out. The last year we had a real tree, it was because one of our pines had to be trimmed for safety reasons and to save the tree. The pine was cut in such a way, that one of the branches was used as our tree - one of the biggest and fullest ever at this house, too. The mother pine soared the following years - it is about 25 feet around now and is home to quite a few animals.
Wow. We don't have such large pines around there. I can't imagine a branch being a full tree!

Is there a particular reason why you change to artificial trees because of your pets? I have two cats, but I also have an artificial tree. Do they get into more trouble with live trees or something?
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