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Jack Frost
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We've tried certain themes in the past, like Silver and Gold balls, but my wife loves a homemade kind of look. What I mean is ornaments we've gotten over the years as gifts, or things the kids have made. She was never a fan of a themed tree that was decorated like a store tree with no personal ornaments.

I used to be an avid comic book reader so there are Superman, Spiderman, Wonder Woman and Lone Ranger ornaments we have. And just recently I've added a King Kong (complete with tiny Ann Darrow) that I place near the top of the tree. It's not too big but I know he's there.

We also used to always have real trees but since the Christmas I was deployed to the desert (after September 11) and my wife had to lug the thing around on her own we've had artifical trees that are pre-lighted. I try to make up for the smell of pine by using candles and real wreathes we buy for the month.

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